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Lori Mills: Baby Sleep Coach

Lori Mills, owner of Sweet Slumber child sleep coaching in Brantford, ON.

After living in Niagara and Hamilton with my husband, we returned to our hometown of Brantford Ontario, where I starting working with my father in his new home construction business.  I’ve dealt with a lot of tricky situations in my 10 year building career, but nothing had prepared me for when our daughter arrived!! 

She was colic, and had a terrible struggle with sleep. I spent 5 months bouncing her on an exercise ball to get her to stop crying and fall asleep.  When we finally got over the colic hurdle she switched her days and nights around and was waking up every hour during the night to nurse.  My husband and I were definitely feeling the strain, going through way too many boxes of Kleenex wiping away all of our tears.

At Christmas, a friend of mine asked if I’d tried a sleep coach – I had never heard of such a person!  After many, many hours of internet research, I found Kim West and was connected with one of her coaches.  On night 11 of our coaching, the whole family slept snuggly through the night in our own beds - I could not believe it.  

The whole experience affected me so profoundly that a year later, I completed the Gentle Sleep Coach course, and am so excited to be able to help other families get some sleep!